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How can I help Born Sleeping?

*sponsor printing of our leaflets for maternity hospitals and wards
*drop off leaflets at maternity hospitals and wards
*donate time and legal expertise to set Born Sleeping up as an official charity
*write letters to politicians and Councillors to lobby them to change current practice
*donate time to research and keep abreast of current news (newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, work done on the Millennium Development Goals, etc.)
*make contact with local maternity wards to ascertain their needs (stats on infant mortality)
*donate time and expertise to counsel bereaved parents and family (trained professionals)
*donate time and expertise to photograph parents with their deceased baby before the funeral/ cremation (trained photographers)
*donate time and expertise to upgrade the website
*donate money to buy a dedicated domain name & host the site
*donate time to meet with bereaved families and share your story (any bereaved parents)
*donate time and money to help put together the hospital packs for bereaved parents
*donate time to deliver the hospital packs to hospitals
*donate money to enable members to travel to the International Stillbirth Alliance conference every year in Oct

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  1. Kaylae permalink
    May 12, 2011 7:34 am

    I think as South Africans we are doing less to raise awareness or help in preventing stillbirths cause as I read most stories they can be prevented.

    • April 9, 2012 6:05 pm

      About 50% of all still births can be prevented, although less than that in rural or under-staffed/ under-resourced clinics/ hospitals. The rest are not preventable because we don’t know what caused them – and this includes in the First World countries!

  2. April 9, 2012 5:50 pm

    Please let me know of any seminars/conferences on this topic. I deal with a lot of families going through the loss of a Stillborn baby and The Compassionate Friends Support Group, Pretoria are based at my Centurion branch. We also have CD’s: “Gesprekke oor Rou na ‘n MIskraam/Stilgeboorte” by Braam Klopper at our offices.

    I also do training at hospitals, where I educate the staff on how to handle the parents in such circumstances. I then take 5 mothers and a daddy with me to share their stories with hospital staff, telling them what they would have wanted and how they could improve the hospital experience for these parents.

    During December 2011, I was also invited to Legacy Parks, Cape Town where I was Master of Ceremonies for their Annual Candlelight Memorial Ceremony at Wiesenhof.

    Please keep in touch, I admire the wonderful work that you do and I will tell all the Stillborn Parents here about your Page/website.

    Take care.
    Sonja Smith
    Sonja Smith Funeral Group

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