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Funeral liturgy, readings and condolences resources

Believe it or not, very few churches have a service specifically designed for stillbirths or miscarriages. However, one group, in Australia has designed a draft version of one. It’s a Word document, and you can access it here.

There are a variety of traditional Bible readings and Psalms. A fairly good compilation of them can be found here.

As yet, we haven’t had time to properly research other faiths and the texts and liturgies they may use. If you are able to suggest something to us that we would be able to post here, please do!

This website has hoardes of free templates of condolence letters, sympathy cards, obituaries, poems to read at a funeral, etc. There’s very little specifically aimed at a miscarriage, stillbirth or neo-natal death loss, but their templates (e.g. this one) are easily adaptable to your circumstances. They are probably best browsed by a family member rather than by the loss parents as it will require a bit of trawling to find what you need.

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